Porting New Sokoban to Unity3D

After playing around a bit with Unity I’m starting to feel comfortable with it. That’s why I decided to try to port New Sokoban to Unity3D!

Ok, not the entire game, just a little demo. I wanted to work on a little serious 2D project that serve me as a learning experience of what I should expect from developing 2D games with Unity. And I think that a port of New Sokoban is perfect for this!

Following you have the demo.

New Sokoban in Unity


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I’m loving Unity

Ok, just to let you know: I’m loving Unity LOL. I think it’s just the natural evolution of any game creation tool. I guess that all the the big AAA companies have developed their own tools similar to Unity. But for little studios like mine/me Unity is kind of a dream. I will encounter issues for sure, but for now, here you have my second little demo :p

Unity Demo Basketball


First contact with Unity3D

These days I have been playing around with Unity3D. In case you don’t know Unity3D yet (really?), it is probably the most popular non-free cross-platform game development tool. It covers almost the whole development workflow: prototype, design, programming and deploy. You could even create some simple 3D art for a simple game.

Unity has been in my TO-DO list for a long time and finally I grabbed some time to get into it and create something with it. And it is amazing! 😀 It is a bit intimidating at first place, but the more you use it the more excited you get 🙂

I definitely will create and publish some professional game with Unity, but for now, here you have my first demo project. Thanks to Ray Wenderlich for the great tutorial! “:^]

Unity Demo