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Muster my Monsters – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Muster my Monsters Have a blast fighting in the arena of this hilarious 4-player party game. To deal with this bunch of monsters, the key is to have rapid reflexes, good intuition and master the art of bluffing. And mocking at your rivals! Muster my Monsters basic rules are similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, but in Muster my Monsters we have ruder actions: Attack beats Mock, Mock beats Dodge and Dodge beats Attack. And this is called “balance”.
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  • A modern twist on the classic rock-paper-scissors game featuring funny monsters, crazy attacks and lots of different ways of mocking at your rivals!
  • Solo to up to 4 players (up to 4 players on iPad and up to 2 players on iPhone & iPod Touch)
  • Play versus the AI to improve your skills
  • Two different game modes (Normal and WIFI) that require completely different play styles and skills
  • Win battles to unlock new monsters. Every monster has its own personality!
  • Power-ups
  • High quality visuals with detailed characters and smooth animations
  • Simple controls
  • A good time with friends and family

This game has been developed in collaboration with Javi Sanz (Ravalmatic) who is responsible for all the amazing artwork.

Press Kit

Press Kit includes: press release (PAGES, DOC, PDF), screenshots, icon (1024×1024), Indie Dev Stories logo and some unpublished artwork.

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