Muster my Monsters – Card Game

MmM Card Game

Muster my Monsters – Card Game
Have a blast fighting in the arena of this hilarious 2-4 player action-party game. To deal with this bunch of monsters, the key is to have rapid reflexes, good intuition and master the art of bluffing. And mocking at your rivals! Muster my Monsters basic rules are similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, but in Muster my Monsters we have ruder actions: Attack beats Mock, Mock beats Dodge and Dodge beats Attack. And this is called “balance”.
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MmM Card Game


My name is Monster Master. But my friends call me Musty. YOU will call me Master.

In Muster my Monsters (MmM), up to 4 players muster their monsters into the Arena in a battle royale!

On each Round, players choose one of the 3 possible fighting Moves: Attack, Mock or Dodge. Attack beats Mock, Mock beats Dodge and Dodge beats Attack. It’s like Rock-Paper-Scissors!

If you are beaten in a Round you lose Hearts. Lose all your Hearts and you are out. Ouch!

The last monster standing wins the Battle and gets a Victory. The monster that gets 3 Victories first, wins the Game!

Easy right? Not THAT easy. On each round I (the Monster Master) will spice up the Battle a bit with some sort of event cards called “Musty Says” cards.

Additionally, players will be allowed to use “Power Cheat” cards to bring chaos and destruction to the Arena. Because… why not?

Anyway… Let me introduce the four monsters I have selected for you. Make sure you get to know them all very well!


The fertile nuclear wastes of Japan produce this kind of stuff. Nuclear wastelands are THAT cool
From the depths of the ocean, he spills out mayhem and doom with his uncanny arcane style
Yet another nuclear lizard monster from Japan. He struggles to develop a real and unique personality
Not the regular Sumerian demonic deity. This one tastes sweeter than the rest

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