Toni SalaToni Sala is an independent game developer and designer currently focused on mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android and Windows Phone. After years working at the university as a professor and researcher, he decided to take the indie path.

Toni is the creator of Muster my Monsters (2013), a crazy casual party game, New Sokoban (2011), a puzzle solving game, and paintingWalls (2010), a decoration app. He also runs Refracted Pixel, a startup that develops mobile solutions for third party clients.

Toni likes to believe that he designs good experiences and create games that carry them to people. So, for him, the human factor is very important. He believes that if you put your best when designing and developing games, users receive the message somehow.

Toni earned a Computer Science degree at UPF university, Barcelona, Spain in 2005. After that, he worked as professor (teaching about game design/development and graphics programming) and researcher in UPF university and UPC university. In August 2009 he started the indie journey.

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  2. Hola Toni,

    soc Jordi Manuel, so-fundador d’un estudi de Barcelona on realitzem aplicacions per iPhone i iPad. M’agradari posar-me en contacte amb tu perque estem buscant programadors d’iOS per fer un joc. No trobo la manera de posar-me en contacte amb tu per la web.

    Moltes gràcies.

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